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How We Help You Get Better Renters

Qualified Renters

Renters use our “Refine Search” Service to find precise places they really want to rent. Plus, for the first time, Renters are able to see Rental Ads which directly address their concerns. Such as places which can provide customer references. Or Renters can check the demographics of an apartment building, or search places with very specific types of upgrades. As well as check the average length of occupancy of any rental property. This means you only see Renters who are better matched for your place to rent.

Motivated Renters

We produce highly motivated Renters by designing a service called, “Find My Place.” Renters create and record very specific search requests on our website. When your New Rental Ad is published, we match and notify Renters to your Rental Ad. We let them know it’s important they call you right away to book an appointment with you. We inform them there are other interested Renters who also want to see your place. The result is highly motivated Renters who will call you, wanting to see your place for rent.

Educated Renters

Through our website and email news letters, we educate Renters on all the aspects of renting. We teach them how to present themselves during a showing, how to self check themselves regarding references, credit ratings, debt to earnings ratio, insurance coverage, budgeting, and filling out a lease application. We hold online webinars, provide video tutorials, articles, and send out free e-books to Renters. The result is Renters who are well prepared, well informed, and ready to fill out your lease application upon their visit to your place for rent.

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