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How We Help You Get Higher Returns

Save You Time

By drawing from our well educated and motivated pool of Renters, you’ll be spending less time checking references, submitting more Rental Ads, orientating new Renters, and less time renovating suites after move out dates. And because our Renters use our “Refine Search” Service, you won’t be wasting your valuable time showing suites to people who have already booked five or six places to see before your place.

Or worse, they don’t even show up for their appointment with you? When you have Renters who are informed on how to approach you, not only is it more enjoyable to do business with them, saving your time is also money in the bank. And you’ll save money by cutting down staffing costs related to checking references, submitting more Rental Ads, orientating new Renters, and renovating suites after the move out date.

Save You Money

When Renters use our “Find My Place” Service, they are matched with only places they really wanted to rent. Even before your place became vacant, each of our Renters pre-selected your type of place to rent. Once we publish your Rental Ad, we notify each of these Renters personally. This creates Renters who are highly motivated to call you and book an appointment.

Our Renter’s Database can have dozens of Renters we need to notify. This allows you to book all your appointments within a matter of days or even hours after your Rental Ad is published. The result is you’ll reduce your advertising cycle, thereby spending less money. Plus, you’ll close your leases in a faster period of time. Leaving you more days to charge for rent, and less days of showing vacant suites. Thereby helping you earn more money.

Lower Your Risk

We educate our Renters through several programs at no charge. Our Renters have the right attitude when it comes to protecting your investment. We teach them that it’s in their best interests as well, to build up their rental references. And teach them how to be a good neighbour. This in turn, along with our “Refine Search” Service, assures our Renters are motivated to stay longer and show up for your appointments. As well as, pay their rent on time consistantly, create less conflict with other tenants, and are also more likely to renew their leases.

The result is less turnover and vacancies, which reduces your risk of investment, as well as your cost of financing. We also reduce your risk by protecting your reputation. Each Advertiser on our website is verified. And all inquiries to your Rental Ad are recorded along with IP Address of the Renter to prevent abuse and cyber-stalking.

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