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Benefits For Renters

Save Time

Lets face it, you would probably want to spend your valuable time doing something else than hunting for your next place to live. We understand that. That’s why we’ve created a free service, which does the searching for you. Our advanced search engine called, “Refine Search.”

For the first time, you’ll be able to find places in seconds. Search for single or combined features such as, 24/7 video surveillance, in-suite laundry facilities, on-site daycare, free Internet, and 30 more amenities. To see how we can help you save more time, read more..

Better Places

Chances are you want a place you can live in, not move away from again. Another free service called, “Find My Place!” helps you to quickly create pre-set searches and record them in our Renter’s Database.

Then when the same type of place comes up for rent, you get instant notices sent to your PC, smart phone, or tablet. You’ll never miss the chance again to rent the place you really want. To learn more how we can help you find better places to rent read more..

Fewer Problems

First, you’ll only be looking at places you really want to rent. Secondly, through our exclusive weekly newsletter, you’ll learn specific strategies to give you what we call, “The Renters 1st Move Advantage.”

We’ll show you how to identify which places are better suited for you. And help you prevent costly mistakes Renters fall prey to. So you can be better prepared to rent the place you really want. To learn how we make your rental experience a better one with fewer problems
read more..

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