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Welcome Edmonton Renters
“Daily LIVE Rental Ad Shows! Get Expert answers to your questions! FREE Full-time Staff! PLUS 20 MORE powerful features to help you find the place you REALLY want to rent!"

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Powerful Search Features

 Your Visual Story Experience!

We encourage all Managers to upload a maximum of 25 images of the place they are renting.  With our automated "Visual Story Board" each Rental Ad  gives you an excellent “Visual Story” of the place you are previewing! 

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We Search For You!

We'll help you find a place which matches your search request of a property's type and features! We can send you an invite and give you a head start against other interested parties! This is done through our exclusive FREE "Find My Place!" Service.

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Full-time Marketing Staff

Our website is only partially DIY (Submission Form). The rest is up to us to drive prospective Managers to submit their places for rent. You have a FREE full-time marketing team behind you to help make this happen!. 

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Largest Database Of Places

We help Managers minimize their online and offline advertising costs by as much as 600% less than Kijiji! We do this to attract as many Managers to rent their places with us. Building you the largest database of places for rent in Northern Alberta, Edmonton, and The Greater Edmonton Regions! 

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Full-time Search Engine Team

Not everyone searches for their place to rent with the same words or thinking. We have some of the leading experts in the search engine optimization (SEO) field. We work with search engine companies to make searching for our Rental Ads much easier for you. So you can search on anyone of the popular search engines and find the place you really want to rent!

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Full-time Social Media Team

?Sometimes you just want to stay on your favorite social media website. Our Social Media Team are on 15 popular social media websites you can "Like" and "Follow!" So we can help you! And mostly to listen to what you have to say! We also list all our new places to rent on everyone of them! So there's alot of chatter about each place and social media websites are where it happens! 

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Our Manager Support Team

Our Full-time Manager Support Team provides answers and solutions to our Managers. So they can provide you with accurate detailed information about themselves, their company and every place they rent on our website! 

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Family Safe Q&A Community 

?A question and answer forum where you can post all your questions on a variety of renting and renting lifestyle type of topics! And receive answers from Experts! Family Safe with our fully moderated Discussion Groups!  Join other Renters where they can provide answers and so can you in our fun Discussion Forum!

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Featured Sliders Everywhere

Are you tired of clicking from trolling other classified websites? We've made it easier for you to just watch any Rental Ad! We've built in multiple image sliders, displaying beautiful Rental Ads on our Home Page, Our Locations Page where you are interested in, and finally, on every single Rental Ad itself! Sit back and relax! 

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Full Image Zoom Everywhere

?When you hover over any Rental Ad image on our website, this will cause the image to auto zoom much larger or to it's original size if smaller. Auto zoom is available on our Home Page's Featured, Popular, and New Tab Listings. As well as our Home Page's Main Featured Slider. And on each Location's Featured Slider as well. Auto zoom on each Rental Ad engages once you click on the picture thumbnail. 

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Featured Ads Always On Top

Managers who are highly motivated to renting their places will use Our Featured Ad Packages. We've made it easier for you to find these great deals! Featured Rental Ads are listed at the top of every search made on our website. With the exception under the "New" listings Tab on the Home Page. 

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Featured Ads are Colorful

?We add color, ribbons, and border changes to make our Featured Rental Ads stand out so you can find them easier!

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Search Needs In Record Time

We've developed a Rental Ad Submission Form which has been created with what Renters need and want to know first about each Manager and their places for rent. We ask the questions you need to know the answers to. Allowing you to search for your most important needs and wants and in record time! Thereby preventing costly mistakes and disappointment after you move in!

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Renters Match Themselves

?Because you finally have critical key information about every place for rent, you now have the tools to define what you really want when renting a place. You can create search queries up to 9 levels deep in a single search! There are over 300 search criteria you can choose from. We provide FREE Training and Education helping you keep it simple. When you see your search results, you'll know its the place you really want to rent!

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360 Google Map Integration

Each of our Rental Ads has a Google Map to help you locate the place you want to know more about. Complete 360 Street View is available in most places. With your mobile phone or device you can hold it vertically and see the place you're previewing, as if you were standing right there!

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Videos Included In Rental Ads

?We made it super easy for Managers to record, upload and embed their videos about the place they have for rent! We continuously encourage all our Managers to do the same! This makes it most likely we will have a video about the place you really want to rent, than any other website! Videos are easily viewed right on the specific Rental Ad Page you are interested in. Not all Rental Ads will have videos and we will continue to make it as easy as possible for more Managers to record, upload and embed their videos!

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Renter's Knowledge Base

As we receive new answers from our Experts, we publish their findings and expertise for all to read and benefit from.  So you are better prepared to enter into any of our Manager's lease agreements. We teach you social skills, how to live among others, and everything which builds your reputation as a profitable and peaceful Renter! This means Renters from our website are better matched with a dramatically higher success rate at securing the place they really want to rent! 

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Full-time Security Team 

?With twenty years of In-house Internet Security Experience, we have also continued to advance security with 24/7 Full-time Security Staff to keep you safe. Including cyber stalking, Email SPAM, and fraud. Plus additional server hardware built into our IT systems, to provide you the most secured Rental Ad Website in the World. 

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High Performance Engines

We have several search engines integrated on our website to help you find your place to rent right away! Some are as easy as clicking on a link or entering a keyword phrase! Using our "Refine Search Web App," you can have as many as nine search engines working simultaneously!

We also have database engines which match in real-time, your search requests with what Property Managers are offering. It's accuracy, which is so powerful in bringing the places you really want to rent in record time! 

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Full-Time Editorial Team

?You also have a FREE Full-time Editorial Team to check each Rental Ad Submission for accuracy, typo errors, quality and to make sure each Rental Ad is in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. This further protects you against any mistakes we might find in any rental ad submission. Before it is published. 

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